Having Lessons with Mike

I have always loved teaching. Music and the guitar are my two biggest passions and I love to pass that on to as many people as I can. 

I have a whole wealth of experience teaching students of all ages, abilities and in all genres. I have put together workshops for school, group and private lesson syllabus'. 

I am also a qualified teacher of the RGT guitar exams. I received my diploma in Electric Guitar Teaching in 2009 and have been using those skills ever since.

Whilst Jazz is my specialism and teaching improvisation is a real passion of mine, I love to teach all genres of music. There are some fundamental topics that I would go through with students wishing to specialise in any genre...

* Music Theory and it's PRACTICAL application

* Chords, Comping and Voice Leading

* Lead playing, Improvised or not

* Time keeping and playing 'in the pocket'

* Sight Reading.... It's not as hard as you think!


For more details and a free consultation do not hesitate to get in contact. Go to the bottom of the page for my contact details.